Academics Achievement

Ebenezer Marcus International School aims include the holistic development of its students towards enriching the quality of life. Our school is a co-educational, day-boarding school with extended day care centre. We set the highest standards of academic achievement, intellectual growth, ethical awareness and behaviour, sportsmanship and other good qualities to our students. The School takes leadership seriously and our concern for character is a point of distinction. Through the years the means of achieving our aims have changed, yet EMIS size and its particular balance of tradition and innovation continue to provide exceptional opportunities to deserving students. Our unflagging commitment to each student's intellectual, moral and physical growth and to the considerable resources of faculty,facility and locale creates a school which is larger than the sum of its parts. EBENEZER MARCUS believes in the notion that teachers should take part in student's lives. The faculty does what the best faculties do: it supports the highest level of academic activity, but it also creates a special form of life for the student. In this way, the faculty fulfills the founding vision of Ebenezer Marcus Trust. Teachers take up the teaching profession as "their life's work".

CBSE Awards

A number of students of the school have been given merit awards after they pass their school Examination. Merit Awards are given to Students who are placed in the top 0.1 % of candidates who appeared in the Examination

School Awards

The general behaviour of student is a matter of great importance to the well being of the community and the running of the school. Children are expected to show politeness, respect and thought for others in their dealings with one another and with all superiors. They are encouraged to cultivate the quaities of honesty, kindness and fair dealing.

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Admissions are going on for all Classes from Pre-KG to Class IX & XI .
Walk in with Students Birth Certificate and Register as early as possible.
Only limited Seats available..


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